King of the World
Track count: 15
Release Year: 2008


All Lyrics Written by Kaz

All Vocal Arrangements by Kaz

Music for: "KING OF THE WORLD," "VICTORIA'S SECRET," & "SOMEBODY TO LOVE," Written, Composed, and Produced by Kaz

All other Music Produced and Composed by Demetric Collins and by Kaz

Executive Producer: Kaz

All Songs Recorded By Demetric Collins at Sonic Sound Productions, San Fernando Valley, California

All Songs Mixed and Engineered by Bill Schnee at Schnee Studio, North Hollywood, California

Assistant Engineered and Edited by Darius Fong

Mastered by Robert Hadley at The Mastering Lab, Hollywood, California

Vocal Consultant: Seth Riggs

Photography / Art Direction:

Frederick Bryan

Design: Chris Field

Copy Editor: Julie Freeman

Special Thanks

There are a lot of important people that I need to thank for inspiring and motivating me to complete the "King Of The World" album. First I must give thanks to God, the one and only King of all Kings. I thank Him for inspiring me with the words and the melodies to each and every song that I write and especially the songs on this new CD.

Thanks to the Queen of my life. Still, My Queen Melinda. I really mean it when I say there are no words that can truly express how much I love, adore, respect, and appreciate you. You know I am a man of many words, and yet, I cannot find the right words to express my complete feelings for you. You give me your undying love, a love that no one else can ever give to me. I love you, I love you, and I love you. You continue to be my solid rock. And I mean it when I say I know I am King because of you. I am forever yours.

Next, I thank Princess Brianna, Princess Isabelle, and Prince Lordenton, whose love for me I know is without condition. You tell it to me the way it really is, no matter what. Thank you for being my angels. You know how important you are to me. You know Cartier Ballon Bleu replica you are my everything... I love you forever and forever would be too soon.

To my Queen Mother, all I have to say is I love you. Thank you for your strength, your faith, your love, and your daily prayers for me. "Long Live the Queen." My Father, the King, who recently departed, I thank you for sharing your love for music with your children. I am still "Missing You." To my brothers, all six Kings, Errol, Barrington, Varnia, Paul, Dave, and Val, for always letting me know that you truly believe in me. To my sisters, where would I be without you? Queens Trevy and Jackie, you both keep my head on my shoulders. Queens Lorraine and Lorna, you are always in my heart. You are all my best friends and I am proud to be your brother.

More Thanks

There are four special people I must thank, one of whom I already mentioned above. These people pushed, motivated, and inspired me to do this new album, more than anyone else.

Special thanks to my brother King Val again, who I am happy to say, never stopped getting on my very last nerve about writing new songs and giving back to the world. It seems there was never a day that passed that he did not say,  When are you getting on the road man? You got something to give to the world, and you better get serious.  Thanks brother. Now it is your turn to get busy
I have a special nephew in Florida, Prince Ryan Totten, who told me more than a few years ago that all he wanted for his birthday was a new Uncle Kaz CD. I thought he was joking at first, but even after Christmas and a few birthdays came and passed, he never let up, not even after the second year! I felt the pressure Prince Ryan, and I finally did it. Thank you my nephew, I made good on the promise. FINALLY!

Special thanks to King Demetric Collins, my very important longtime friend and producer. The truth of the matter is, without Dee, this album would never be. Without his genius, great talent, and amazing understanding of music, I would never have been able to develop and capture the unique, original sound that we developed together. Dee told me "let"s not follow any trends, let's set them." It was Dee who suggested that we make this album as real as possible by keeping it "live," "real," and "timeless." And to do so, he suggested bringing in live musicians, but not just any musicians. Dee brought in some of the most experienced musicians the world has to offer. Thank you Dee, all your time, energy, love, wisdom and devotion is deeply appreciated and will never be forgotten. You are the King Of The World in my book. So put those "DARK SHADES ON."

To the King Bill Schnee, I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for me. I will never be able to express my full gratitude, respect and appreciation for you. You are a truly talented genius! I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with you, and I thank you from the warmest place in my heart. I am forever in your debt.

To the Musicians

King Darrell, King Charles, King Dave, King Donn, King Kevin, and King Doc, to each of you, thank you, thank you. You are each equally uniquely talented beyond reality. You gave my songs life and wings to fly. I am forever grateful and will never forget it. You have my honor, loyalty, love and respect.

To other VIPS

I can think of many other people that I could and should thank individually. Instead, I will just list the names of a few more very important people to me, who have advised, encouraged, or inspired me in one important way or another. I love and appreciate you all. The entire Bryan Family, Ron and Diana Boehnert, The Murdy's, DJ, Nikki and Michael, The Smith's, The Totten Family, all my nieces and nephews, The Collins Family, Julie Freeman, Paula and Miguel Sandoval, Chris McHale, Robert and Stella Allan, Charles Blackburn, Eddie Gilardi, Vezira Hasanbegovic, Hope Geyer and Family, Steven Dontay Simmons, Seth Riggs, Rick Allen and Lauren Monroe, Mike Kelly, Seal, Sting, Rhonda Miller, Christelle Tilikete of France, Renee Potocha, N.S., Janine Elias, Jodie Foster and family, Sheree Fletcher, John Harris, Darius Fong, Richard Gotcher, Louis Issoglio, Bonnie and Ian Chick, Christine Beaird, Camilla Berg, Sarah Ivens, LuAnn Calvert, Emily Kroes, M.J., George Michael, Ben McLane, Pete Laurence Henry, Mark Pearl and family, Chris Fields, David Solemani, and a warm feeling of admiration to all my MySpace friends and fans, especially Candida Dawne Colson, Miss Crissy Eco-Ganon, Kelly Silver aka my Miss 2000.

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