Track count: 10
Release Year: 2000

because of you, Kaz is KING OF THE WORLD. This Grammy Award worthy album, offers fourteen, all original Kaz songs, that are powerful, romantic, timeless, and truly unique. Seriously strong hooks and melodies, mature subject topics and stories, and clever, profound lyrics. Listen to ANY of the songs on this CD and you too will agree there is no denying it, KAZ MUSIC ROCKS!

Finally!!! Kaz has revealed the truth about VICTORIA'S SECRET and it is not what we all expected. Get the new Kaz album and you will know what happens after being loved by the SIREN BY THE SEA. Start a "BRAND NEW DAY" and find SOMEBODY TO LOVE." Kaz GAVE IT AWAY, so don't get caught by the GRIM REAPER.

DO YOU WANT IT" bad? Then you better tell the one you love before they become "MY ROMANTIC MOVIE. The choice is yours, be a "GORGIE PORGIE" and one day you will be left with only "TEARS AND MEMORIES."

However, DON'T TURN OUT THE LIGHT", If time passes, and the one you love is "STILL MISSING YOU then I will respectfully step away leaving their love all "FOR YOU." Then you will feel like the KING OF THE WORLD.

All "SONG TITLES" represented above in BOLD are available on the new KING OF THE WORLD album by Kaz.

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