Grim Reaper
Track count: 2
Release Year: 2007

Songs & lyrics written by KAZ
Lead & background vocals arranged & performed by KAZ

Music written and arranged by DEMETRIC COLLINS & KAZ

Produced by DEMETRIC COLLINS Produced by KAZ

Special guest performance at bridge of the song “the haunt” female vocals by The Amazing Talented, VANN JOHNSON



CD cover art work by CHRIS FIELDS

Published by Kazalin Music BMI / Jodia Music ASCAP
Copyright 2007 RockinBird Records, Inc

There are a lot of important people that I need to thank for inspiring and motivating me to complete the new album. Of course my FAMILY is on top of my list just below GOD. I will make my list and acknowledge all the important people by name very soon. However there are three people I must mention now. These special people pushed, motivated, and inspired me more than anyone else, to complete a new album.

Special thanks to my brother VAL, who never stops getting on my case about writing new songs and giving back to the world. “What are you doing man, you better get serious and use your gift, or God will take it away.” I heard you VAL and now it’s your turn.

Special thanks to RYAN TOTTEN, my very special nephew in Florida, who told me all he wanted for his birthday and Christmas, was a new Kaz album. I thought he was joking at first but he never let up, not even after the second year. I felt the pressure RYAN, and I finally did it. Thank you.

Special thanks to, my very important friend and producer DEMETRIC COLLINS. The truth of the matter is, without DEE, this album would never be. Without his genius, great talent, and amazing understanding of music, I would never have been able to capture the unique original sound that we developed together. It was DEE who suggested that we make this album as real as possible. And to do so he suggested bringing in live musicians, but not just any musicians. DEE brought in some of the most experienced musicians the world has to offer. Thank you DEE, all your time, energy, love, and devotion, is deeply appreciated and will never be forgotten. You are the King Of The World in my book.

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